I work at the intersection of technology and learning.


I am an education outreach manager at Esri, Inc., where I develop, manage, and assess a wide range of educational projects. My portfolio includes curriculum design and evaluation, educational marketing, technical development, educational research, and teacher training. My work spans higher education, K12, and informal. I have a great interest in universal design and learning for all.

I hold a Ph.D. in instructional technology and design from the University of Kansas.

I’m an adjunct researcher in the Center for STEM Learning at KU.

Since teaching middle school science, I have served on the research faculty at the University of Kansas and managed federal and state funded efforts to include technology tools for supporting collaboration and inquiry in classrooms. My collaborations have resulted in funded work that has included “Extending Scientific Inquiry through Collaborative GIS” and Pathfinder Science, an environment for collaborative scientific investigations among students.

Education specializations: Instructional technologies, inquiry instruction, PBL, geospatial, educational marketing, science education, STEM, educational research, instructional design, quantitative analysis

Technical skills: Python, MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQL, ArcGIS, ColdFusion, PHP, JavaScript, ArcGIS Online, Amazon AWS, SPSS, Captivate.

Emerging interests: Machine learning, SSO, universal design, mapping and the visually impaired, behaviorism, programmed instruction